More than a TV's an EPIC Adventure!

Coming in 2021 !


For Kids age 11 & up
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6-week Stand-Up Comedy Workshop for Kids!

Past Workshops

April 16 @ 530p-630p:  What's your colour?


Mar. 16:  Video Journalism
Mar. 18:  Digital Storytelling
Mar. 20:  Thriving through Change & your Digital Footprint
Mar. 23:  Dealing with Change & Creating your Story
Mar. 25:  Dealing with Change & Creating your Story

Tips on resume writing, networking and virtual opportunities!


April 18 @ 11a-12p:  I lost my job, now what? 



April 18 @ 3p-4p:  No summer job/internship, now what?



Stay tuned for more career building workshops!


Learn how to connect better with others online

Presented by Coack K (Kadine Cooper)

Career Discovery Coach

Career Building in Times of Change
Presented by Coach K (Kadine Cooper) Career Transition Coach to help families thrive during uncertain times

A New Way of Learning for Kids


Do you want to learn ways to come up with epic ideas for your next essay, story or poem?  Whether it's for school or just for fun, Teacher Shelley Saracin will unlock your potential to become a better writer...and even an author!


Crayola Calligraphy

Presented by The Crafters Marketplace

Practice your strokes and enhance your penmanship in this basic calligraphy and hand lettering workshop!

August 29 (SAT) @ 10:30 a.m. EST

Unlock the Author in you!
Presented by Ms. Shelley Saracin, College Professor & English Language Consultant

It's Canada's Media Literacy Week (MLW) on Oct. 26-30!

Learn 4 quick and easy steps to spot misinformation and find out if something online is true or not.


Facilitated by Ms. Christine Santos, Kids' TV Producer/Media Educator/Journalist


BREAK THE FAKE:  How to Tell What's True Online

Oct. 27 @ 730p-830p EST



Nov. 26 @ 6p-7p EST

Join us for some fun and laughter in this FREE Comedy class for kids ages 11 to 17!

Ms. Paula Howley, the Owner of Head Start Public Speaking and a Stand-up Comedian, will share some tricks to making people laugh.

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