• Earth Day

    By: Francine C.

    Francine is a 12-year-old girl with a passion for music and writing.

    She is a cast member of the EPIC Gen Unlocked show and is usually accompanied by her dog, Cleo.


    Know before you throw!  In honour of celebrating Earth Day 2021, we did an EPIC Gen in the Neighbourhood Snack & Chat with our special guest Danielle Luciano from the Durham Waste Management. She taught us what to recycle and what to throw out.


        We kicked off our livestream with a fun questionnaire! We learned that some places have different disposing policies for certain items such as batteries or medicine. Ms. Luciano suggests we check our city’s website on where we should put these items!

        After our Q&A, we played a little guessing game where we are given an item and guess where we would put them! We learned that anything that was growing or alive goes into the compost, and excess medicine can be returned to the pharmacy.

        We learned so much about recycling and waste management. We had a blast! Special thanks to Ms. Luciano for educating us on where to put what.