Review of EPIC Gen in the Neighbourhood (First Live Talk Show by EG Juniors)

    By: Celeste V.

    Celeste is a 10-year old girl who likes to draw, write and play music. 

    She's a cast member of the EPIC Gen Unlocked Show and is also the other half of the Rockin Siblings.

    EPIC Generation in the Neighbourhood is epic!

    The experience was great! I had fun with my EPIC Gen friends, and coach Ra’eesa Baksh was awesome!

    At the beginning, all of us introduced ourselves. We told the viewers about our hobbies and what we like to do.

    Then, we did a few questions about wildlife, which was our topic of the month. Some of the questions were about how to keep the earth clean, what is making the earth dirty, and what we learned over the past weeks about wildlife from our guests.

    The guests who joined us in class were:

    • Alex Diaz Mercado, an author and Animal Flow teacher, who taught us how to finger paint,
    • Devon Haworth, a young entrepreneur, who talked about the importance of bees,
    • Jessica Steiner, Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Programs Director, who talked about endangered animals in Canada, and
    • Abraham Reyes, the owner of the Giga Pearl, who talked about protection of coral reefs and our environment.

    We role-played and “interviewed” our fun guest, Niño, who demonstrated his amazing speedcubing talent and shared his story.

    I also had a lot of fun doing the “This or That”. We answered Hailey’s questions and we really had to think on what we should say. For example, would you have 20 squirrels or 20 mice?

    ....20 mice would be annoying for me, so I chose squirrels.

    The majority of kids chose squirrels, so it was sort of the “winning” choice.

    To end it off, I would like to say that the entire live stream was fun and that everyone in it did an amazing job on making it possible! Our viewers seemed to have enjoyed it as well.



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