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These students built and trained their AI to play games against humans; recommend outfit, books and music; get great deals on shoes; and even predict your favourite app based on day and time!


They will be featured in our upcoming TV show airing in 2021!


Impressive Projects + Upcoming TV Show = OUTSTANDING RESUME!


Media & Broadcasting Training for Kids

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Learn what AI is and different types of AI. Learn how things in daily life (like self driving cars, Alexa, or your phone) use AI. Learn how to train an AI and see how well it has learned. Build and use AIs that detect whether you are happy or sad, and teach AIs to learn how to predict categories!

Topics covered:


- Laptop

- No previous math or coding knowledge needed

What Students Take Away

- Certificate of Completion from EPIC Generation & AIClub - AI for Middle School/High School

- A cloud account that they can use to build new AI projects

- An AI Club membership where they can access new projects, showcase their code, and participate in competitions

Course Duration
Once a week (1.5 hours per day) for 6 weeks + Bonus Digital Media Training

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
AI is all around us! From self-driving cars to Alexa to movie recommendations on Netflix, we interact with AIs everyday.

- What is AI, different types of AI, and how AI is built and used

- Build AI to learn from words and patterns.  Build different types of AIs using Classification.

- Learn how to improve an AI with better data. Learn how to gather examples to teach an AI to compete and win in a game

- Build your own AI project to predict what you would like! Showcase it to your parents in the last day of camp!

Questions? Contact us at (416) 877-5767 /
  • 6 sessions (1.5 hours each)
  • Build a custom AI application
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion 
  • Participate in Competitions

Online Live Classes

Free Digital Media/Online Presentation Training
Project showcase on EPIC Generation TV

In partnership with

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • Demo:  Award-winning AI Project by kids

  • Difference between AI and Robotics

  • The impact of AI on future jobs

  • Misconceptions about AI

Class Schedule
Congratulations to our 1st batch of AI High School graduates!



High School
(Gr 9-12)
March Break Camp COMING SOON!
Middle School
(Gr 5-8)
March Break Camp COMING SOON!

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